Business Start-Up

Business Start-Up

Starting a new business is fun, exciting, challenging, frightening, exhausting and time consuming. Spire Business Solutions can support you through the transition of becoming a business owner as a listening post or in a more practical support role

When starting your own business there are essentially three routes to follow when setting up your business structure. What type of business you choose to be will impact on what legal responsibilities you have as a result of starting your own business which include;

  • The paperwork you are required to complete in order to start trading
  • The taxes you will have to manage and pay
  • How you can personally take the profit your business makes
  • Your personal responsibilities if your business makes a loss

We can help you with the practicalities of putting a plan together and putting it into action.

In Wiltshire business advice can come from a number of sources including; Inspire by Wessex Chamber and their business support service. These services are ideal in helping you think about your ideas and come up with a plan. Support can also come from the Enterprise Nation, .

If you are looking for an office to rent it would be worth looking at The Enterprise Network (TEN) for good rates and easy in /out terms

Please feel free to read the following points and make use of the down-loads and links. If you feel that Ian can bring something to your business please get in touch to discuss

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Standard Business Options

To help you understand and decide what type of business you want to be and what each entails, have a look at the following guidance which gives you an overview:

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